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With the vast experience I have gained since 1982 , I am a different kind of service provider. Someone who TRULY works for you and provides regular communication plus a SUCCESSFUL SOLUTION for you to move forward with your life.

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We contacted the firm who was caring for our rental property to ask that it be sold. We were referred to John Parzycki who from that moment put our needs to sell above his own time and comfort considerations. He has been wonderful to us, giving us all the information we needed to know - and we knew nothing! not even that a number of businesses are involved in the once simple task of selling a house! John has performed well above what anyone could expect or ask or imagine! He deserves wide recognition for his skills, hard work and goodwill. We will always remember his kindness, extraordinary ability to simplify things we could not begin to figure out. To us John has been mentor and friend through this stressful process and we will always consider him as a friend. Wehave worked with a number of real estate agents through rentals and sales in the past and though they have all been kind and helpful - NONE can hold a candle to John!


John has been a Terrier selling our house he never gave up and always kept us informed as what was happening and advised us of what was needed to complete the sale I would recommend John to all of my friends to use him

Tracy & Keith Mills Ellenbrook

'Very happy with John, he has been excellent, extremely helpful in what was a very difficult sellers market. I would recommend John to any prospective seller'

- Paul Brown