Tenant Procedure For Emergency Maintenance

If you are faced with an emergency situation and are unable to contact your Property Manager on their mobile within 1 hour of the issue arising, we have compiled a list of information on items that are classified as an emergency situation and instructions on how to deal with that emergency without the assistance from LJ Hooker. If you are unsure of your property managers mobile number, you can locate this from our website here: https://willetton.ljhooker.com.au/our-team  or https://cockburncity.ljhooker.com.au/our-team

Please note that if you go ahead with a repair that is not classified as an emergency listed below then owner is not obliged to pay for any expenses you incur and you will be required to pay for the invoice.

Damage to glass (not cause by tenants) and Glass Damage caused from Breaking and Entering

  1. Ensure the property is safe to enter? Contact the Police and report the break in.
  2. The Police will give to you a Police Report number – you must report this to LJ Hooker the next working day.
  3. Without obtaining a police report number, the cost of replacement glass will be invoiced to you.
  4. If there is any other damage to the property besides glass damage (excluding personal belongings), this must be reported to LJ Hooker the next working day. You may contact the following glaziers to secure the property Dependable Glass -0410640500 or Buckingham’s Glass 94951435:     
  5. You may instruct the glazier to forward the account directly to LJ HookerIf the glass breakage is the result of an act attributable to yourself, you may call the glazier to repair the broken glass; however payment of the invoice must be made by yourself!   

Gas Leaks

You must contact a plumber immediately! Fortis Plumbing and Gas, Adam 0410 569 927 or Don 0417 917 970. If the gas is leaking from the gas meter box, please contact Alinta Gas 13 13 58

Electrical Problem That May Cause Harm To the Tenant

For any power failures, please contact first to enquire if there is a fault in the area: Synergy: 13 13 53

Electrical Hazards: As all properties are now fitted with 2 RCD switches, a faulty appliance can trip the switch. Turn off all appliances, remove the power cord from the outlet on the wall and reset the RCD switch. Then start to plug each appliance back in one by one to see if one of these trips the RCD switch, if it does then that appliance is faulty.

Please contact our electrician: Michael Milne 0401 753 696
If it is deemed that the tenant’s faulty appliance has tripped the RCD then tenant will be liable for the electricians invoice.

Burst Water Pipes / Reticulation

For any burst water pipes, please contact Fortis Plumbing and Gas, Adam 0410 569 927 or Don 0417 917 970 immediately. Please remember to turn off the maints water supply immediately until the plumber arrives. 

For burst reticulation pipes, please contact: Focus Property Maintenance, 0401 753 696.

If the water is leaking from the water meter, this must be repaired by the Water Corporation – 13 13 85

Power Lines Fallen Down

Call Synergy immediately on 13 13 51

Lost Keys or Keys Locked Inside House

This is not classified as an emergency. If you lock yourself out after hours you will need to call a locksmith and you will need to pay them directly. Recommended Locksmith: Central Lock & Keys 9354 9509

Impact to Building by Vehicle / Severe Storm Damage

Severe Damage to Property (Explosion, House Impact, Roof Damage or Collapsed Ceilings)
In a tragic emergency situation; always try to contact LJ Hooker first.  If you are unsuccessful, the following steps will apply:
  1. If injury to another person call an ambulance on 000.
  2. Call the Police and obtain a police report number.
  3. Call SES (State Emergency Service) on 1300 130 039.
  4. If there are any burst water pipes, call any of the plumbers listed above and turn the water off at the mains.
  5. If there is any electrical damage, call any of the electricians listed above and turn the power off at the mains.
  6. If there is damage to the gas pipelines and you can smell a gas leak call Alinta Gas 13 13 58
  7. If there is water damage to the carpets, please contact your property manager and we will arrange drying when possible.
  8. If there is structural damage to the house, flooding or electrical problems do not stay in the house.
  9. Your Property Manager will contact the building insurer the next working day or and attend to any structural repairs.
NOTE:  In the event that the damage to the property is going to cause a risk to the personal safety to you and your family, please contact the Licensee of LJ Hooker Willetton Victor Paz 0413 644 202 or Branch Manager Kristy Clymo 0404 076 774. Please leave a clear message and your contact number, your call will be returned
The following re NOT classified as emergency repairs and MUST wait until the next working day to be reported:
  1. Blocked Toilets. (When there is a second unblocked toilet on the premises. If you only have one toilet in the house, please call our plumber Doc Hayward). If the blockage is caused by the tenants then they will liable for the invoice.
  2. Stove/Oven not working.
  3. General Repairs and Maintenance.
  4. Air conditioning not working.
  5. Reticulation not working
  6. Dripping taps